Querwege e. V.

Kita BiLLY

Our house

Our house is buildt on the requirements of the children. We also have a great garden. Based on our house and our garden we have ideal conditions to realize the principals of the open work to let the children explore their environment.

We have three different areas in our house:

  • a sheltered baby-room
  • the open area
  • areas that are used overall (e.g. the foyer, the restaurant)

Because of our clearly structured functional rooms the children have a huge variety of possibilities.

The foyer

Is our »market place«, meeting place, inviting venue to read, paint, explore and play.

The restaurant

Is our central room for communal meals.

The exercise room

Here we encourage the children to jump, run, climb, swing, hop and romp. In this way the children achieve more independance, mobility and environmental awareness.

The multiroom

Is our room for different experiences like making music, reading or relaxing.

The roleplayroom

Is a room with a lot of different materials to make the children curious to be creativ. They can develop their own ideas and go unknown paths with no limits of their fantasy and inventiveness.

The buildingroom

This is a space for experiences where the chilren can create something new. They can explore the room by driving with a car or flying with an airplane or building a tower.

The waterplayroom

In this room the children can explore and experiment with the element water.

The outdoor area

Our garden has a lot of space for playing, romping, hiding, doing sports, experiments, building and a lot more.