Querwege e. V.

Kita BiLLY

Daily routine

A day in BiLLY

Our daily routine is structure but also has room for flexibility. Reliable procedures and structures let the children feel safe but also let them participate.

The first children arrive. Parents give important information to teachers. The children have time to play. If needed rooms are being opened.

8.00 – 8.30

It is possible to have breakfast in the restaurant. Children choose their drink on their own. They can choose between tea, organic milk and water. Every child set cleans up after himself. That´s how they learn taking responsibility.
After breakfast the babyroom opens.


Fruitbreak and/​ or drinking break for all the children.
The garden is open.
Time for interest groups and/​or theme based groups and trips.


A morning circle is offered. There we sing, talk and exchange stories. At least once a week there is a big morning circle with all the children and adults.

11.30 – 12.30

Lunch time. The children eat in three different groups at different times.

untill 14.00

Siesta time (seleeping, relaxing) in different rooms.

14.00 – 15.00

Time for a healthy snack in the restaurant.
If needed rooms and the garden opens. Activities can be offered by educators.
When the children are picked up by their parents in the afternoon the educators let them know about all relevant information about the child.
Parents can play together with their children.


All children are picked up.

Notes to our meals

The parents are responsible for breakfast and the afternoon snack for their child. The children bring healthy food in an appropriate amount in a lunch box to the kindergarten. Sweets should only be an exception (according to prior agreement).
Our lunch is being delivered and made from ecological ingredients. Incompatibilities and cultural aspects can be considered.
During the day the children have the possibility to drink water (on our water trolley). For breakfast we also offer unsweetened tea and organic milk.