Querwege e. V.

Kita BiLLY


Daily life offers a lot of opportunities for learning and education. Our goal is to create and use learning situations. The best way for preschool children to learn new things is when they deal with topics they are interested in. So we focus on accompaning them individually and look for impulses and childrens interests. Their self-motivation is as important as the respect for their personalities and interests. Our focus is also on the children´s family, social and cultural background. We give them room to develop and at the same time make them feel save and secure.

»Situational approach« and open concept

Our work is based on an open concept. We don´t have homogeneous age groups. Furthermore we offer the children possibilities to choose play- and learninggroups with different activities. We provide an stimulating environment and offers like making music, artistic work, roleplay, experiencing neture or excursions. Of course every child needs different impulses and assistance in these situations. That´s why the educators are close to the children so they can decide individually what and how much assistance the child, the group or the work on a project needs. Children with special needs are being encouraged by us. Also their therapies are being imbedded into our daily life.

The smallest children start their kindergarten-experience in a sheltered area where they have steady educators. When the children turn two years they start to participate more and more in the open area.

English language in our daily life

Our work is based on the method of immersion. That means we use the german and the english language in our daily life. We support the children´s awareness for language, the desire for language and the speaking comprehension. Each educator speak in hin oder her mothertongue. In this way the children can experience both languages in daily situations – without any programs or tasks. For parents there is always a german contact person available.

For us this holistic approach to promoting language is a condition of the inclusive pedagogy. We deal intensly with the development of language, mulitlingualism and language disorders.

Bilingualism in pre schools is nothing new. What is special about BiLLY is that we work both: inclusive and bilingual. This is why scientists, under the direction of Prof. Chilla Solveig, surveyed our work from 2010 – 2015. This cooperation was followed by studies and thesis, e.g. the educational expert discussion 2015.